I store my records with MedSafe.

secure online backup made easy

Secure Backups for Physicians and Dentists

Swiss Privacy Protection

Your backups are stored in a Swiss datacenter and are therefore subject to Swiss privacy laws.


Your backups are made automatically at defined intervals. You can set it and forget it.


Your backups are made incrementally, only your changes are uploaded. This saves time and bandwidth.

AES Encryption

Your backup is encrypted on your side before it leaves your computer using the Advanced Encryption Standard.

Nobody but you has access to your data. Not even our system administrators.

SSH Transmission

Your already encrypted data is transmitted using an SSH (Secure Shell) connection.

Nobody can change or observe your transmission.

RSYNC Synchronisation

You can go back in time and restore old backups. Your changes are archived effiecently over time.

You can restore the version of your choosing.

Backup All Your Critical Data

Safe the sensitive records of your practice in a secure Datacenter in Switzerland. MedSafe was custom-built for the specific needs of medical practices.

Safe the records of your medical software applications and your digital archive of x-rays (PACS).

Server Backup
starting at CHF 65 per month
50 - 400 GB Storage
Unlimited Upload
Datacenter in Switzerland
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